Extra Volume ICM 1998

Invited Forty-Five Minute Lectures

Section: 19. History of Mathematics

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Karine Chemla
History of Mathematics in China: 
A Factor in World History 
and a Source for New Questions
Doc.Math.J.DMV Extra Volume ICM III (1998) 789-798
Abstract 1 k, dvi.gz 21 k, dvi 46 k, ps.gz 57 k. 

Joseph W. Dauben
Marx, Mao and Mathematics:
The Politics of Infinitesimals
Doc.Math.J.DMV Extra Volume ICM III (1998) 799-809
Abstract 4 k, dvi.gz 22 k, dvi 54 k, ps.gz 809 k. 
This manuscript may contain graphics, 
 therefore the dvi files may be incomplete.

Jeremy J Gray
The Riemann-Roch Theorem and Geometry, 1854-1914
Doc.Math.J.DMV Extra Volume ICM III (1998) 811-822
Abstract 2 k, dvi.gz 23 k, dvi 52 k, ps.gz 60 k.