Extra Volume ICM 1998

Plenary Lectures and Ceremonies

Chapter: Appendix

Contents: dvi.gz, dvi, ps.gz.

Section 1. Logic

A. J. Wilkie
Doc.Math.J.DMV Extra Volume ICM I (1998) 633-636
Abstract 1 k, dvi.gz 8 k, dvi 16 k, ps.gz 37 k. 

Section 10. Partial Differential Equations

Mikhail Safonov
Estimates Near the Boundary for Solutions
of Second Order Parabolic Equations
Doc.Math.J.DMV Extra Volume ICM I (1998) 637-647
Abstract 2 k, dvi.gz 21 k, dvi 47 k, ps.gz 74 k. 

Section 12. Probability and Statistics

F. Götze
Errata: Lattice Point Problems
and the Central Limit Theorem
in Euclidean Spaces
cf. Vol. III, p. 245-255
Doc.Math.J.DMV Extra Volume ICM I (1998) 648-648
Abstract 1 k, dvi.gz 2 k, dvi 3 k, ps.gz 19 k. 

Section 16. Applications

Serafim Batzoglou, Bonnie Berger, Daniel J. Kleitman,
Eric S. Lander, and Lior Pachter
Recent Developments in Computational Gene Recognition Doc.Math.J.DMV Extra Volume ICM I (1998) 649-658 Abstract 2 k, dvi.gz 17 k, dvi 39 k, ps.gz 53 k.