Much information about activities around around WMY2000 ist to be found on a page launched by the International Mathematical Union (IMU), supported by UNESCO.

From the Danish Mathematical Society we received a contribution Some Danisch contributions to World Mathematical Year 2000 which is a nice presentation of mathematics under the aspect of bradening its acceptance.

From the Catalunya we received a contribution covering the efforts made in the political environment to support mathematics on the occasion of World Mathematics Year 2000

From the Hellenistic Mathematical Societyyou find two pdf-files on the CD. One is on the Profile of the H.M.S. [also available as word-file] while the other is a taken from a presentation on the Hellenic Mathematical Society [For the latter you find also the Powerpoint version on the CD.]

From the Department of Pedagogics and Didactics of the University of La Coruna we were provided with ad file indicating what activiteis are planned in that area regarding World Mathematical Year 2000. [The file is available both in pdf-format and in word-format.]

From the University of Santiago de Compostela we received three text covering the activities in the region. The three papers are from the Galician comittee of Santiago de Compostela [(pdf) or (word)], a call for increasing the awareness for mathemtics [(pdf) or (word)], and two examples for activities connected with mathematics [(pdf) or (word)],

From the comittee of the Ferrolterra region we received papers related with activities related to World Mathematical Year 2000 in the region. There is a short presentation of Ferrol [(pdf) or (word)], and a short note from the council of education of the University of Coruna [(pdf) or (word)]. Further, there is a paper of the AMM comittee for the Ferrolterra region about a contest in pohtography in relation to mathematics [(pdf) or (word)].

There is also a German WMY200 Group, on which you find some information here with many links to projects related to WMY2000. However, we may not have included all of them into this CD-Rom, so you may have to link to 'the real internet'.