Agreement to mirror the EMIS-server of the EMS

This agreement lists the conditions under which the EMS agrees that the content of its EMIS-server is mirrored.

1. The mirror site will mirror the whole content of the EMIS-server, and not only parts of it. It will not allow further mirrors of it, all other sites wishing to mirror EMIS should contact the central server.

2. The agreement can be terminated by either side at any time. In particular, should the EMS decide it needs to charge a fee, the mirror site will either pay that fee or stop functioning as a mirror.

3. The mirror will be updated regulary, by an automatic procedure, which is to be determined by the technician of EMIS in charge, (Aleksandar Perovic).

4. The mirror site hereby and forever renounces any rights in the mirrored material, other than the right to distribute it freely by electronic means to all interested parties. The mirror site will encourage mathematicians to read the mirrored material and to make maximal mathematical use of it.

5. The URL (web address) of any mirror should be either www.emis.<country>, emis.<your-domain>, or <your-domain>/EMIS/. Mirror sites are responsible for reserving and maintaining the corresponding domains.

Page created 16 Aug 1996. Last update 13 Sep 2002.
Aleksandar Perovic